Select grade level from links on left to view recommended graphic novels, or check out these great women authors and illustrators who have written/illustrated action/adventure graphic novels and comics

Brown, Dawn

Little Red Hot, Ravenous


Byam, Sarah

Billi 99

Chen, Jo

The Other Side of the Mirror, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Runaways


Conner, Amanda 

Power Girl, The Pro, Painkiller Jane


DeConnick, Kelly Sue

Black Cat, Osborn: Evil Incarcerated, Captain Marvel

DiMassa, Diane

Hot Head Paisan

Estep, Joanna

Roadsong, Fraggle Rock


Giussani, Angela and Luciana Giussani


Immonene, Kathryn


Kesel, Barbara



Liu, Marjorie M.

Astonishing X-Men, NYX: No Way Home, Black Widow, X-23, Dark Wolverine


Simone, Gail

Birds of Prey, Welcome to Tranquility, Wonder Woman


Simonson, Louise

Power Pack, X-Factor, Superman: Man of Steel, World of Warcraft


Thompson, Jill

Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Black Orchid, Sandman