Aguirre, Jorge, art by Rafael Rosado Giants Beware!
Claudette has big goals of becoming a giant slayer.  Unfortunately for her, there are no giants to slay in her very safe walled city.  Ever determined, Claudette sets out on an adventure with her friend Marie, who wants to be a princess, and her little brother Gaston, who wants to be a sword maker/pastry chef.  Their quest: find and slay the baby-foot eating giant.

Chantler, Scott Three Thieves: Tower of Treasure, The Sign of the Black Rock
After a bungled treasure heist, Dessa, an acrobat in a traveling circus, comes face-to-face with the man who took her twin brother brother away.  Dessa will do whatever she can to find her brother again.

Krosoczka, Jarrett Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians
Something strange is going on with the librarians.  And it involves the bookfair and the new X-Station 5000!  Luckily, Lunch Lady, her trusty sidekick Betty and the Breakfast Bunch are on the case!

Le Gall, Frank, art by Flore Balthazar and Robin Doo. Miss Annie: Freedom!

Miss Annie may just be a kitten, but she's more than ready to explore the world outside her house, no matter what her owners say!  Miss Annie discovers an open window and seeks out adventure.

Sala, Richard Cat Burglar Black

K  gew up in an orphanage and has just been invited to attend a boarding school, but she soon realizes she has not been brought there to study. She has been brought to join The Obtainers, a gang of thieves who tell K that her parents were once one of them.  K and the other girls are forced to help The Obtainers steal a series of pictures that will reveal the location of a secret treasure, but once the heist starts, the girls begin to disappear one by one.