Middle Grade

Bendis, Brian and art by Michael Oeming Takio
Taki cannot stand her annoying little sister Olivia, who follows her and her friend Kelly around everywhere.  One night, Taki and Olivia go to visit Kelly, and end up in the middle of an explosion caused by Kelly's scientist father.  Now Taki and Olivia have unusual powers, and Kelly's father is after them!  Will the girls fight back and use their powers for good?

DeFilippis, Nunzio and Christina Weir, art by Kriss Sison Amazing Agent Jennifer
In this prequel to Amazing Agent Luna, we learn how Luna's boss Control was first found and brought into the secret program.  This is the story of her first assignment.

Deutsch, Barry Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword
“Yet another troll-fighting 11-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl.”  Mirka has no interest in learning how to cook or sew.  She wants adventure!  Much to Mirka’s surprise, she actually gets her chance.  She can earn a sword with which to fight dragons, but first she will have to get through a troll, a witch, and who knows what else!

Deutsch, Barry. Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite

When we last saw Mirka, an 11-year old Orthodox Jewish girl, she had outsmarted a troll and won a sword.  When the troll sends a meteorite to destroy his enemy, the witch, Mirka runs to warn her, as the meteorite will destroy all of Hereville.  The witch stops the meteorite by transforming it into a girl.  Into someone who looks exactly like Mirka.  Metty (as the meteorite is called) is delighted to be part of Mirka's family, and at first Mirka thinks it's a great idea too.  Metty can go to school for her!  Do her chores!  But as Metty begins to take over more and more of Mirka's life, Mirka comes up with a plan to get rid of her.

Hale, Shannon and Dean Hale, art by Nathan Hale Rapunzel’s Revenge
When Rapunzel realized that mother Gothel wasn’t her real mother, and that outside the beautiful palace walls lies decay and destruction, Mother Gothel imprisoned Rapunzel in a tower.  Never one to sit around and wait, as soon as her hair is long enough, Rapunzel escapes from her tower, and using her hair like whips, takes off to free her real mother.

Nykko and art by Bannister The Elsewhere Chronicles  
Max, Noah, and Theo have always wanted to explore the inside of the neighborhood haunted house, and they get their chance when they meet deceased owner’s granddaughter Rebecca. Things get pretty weird as soon as they enter the house, they are attacked by shadow phantoms, Rebecca is sucked into a vortex, and Max goes in after her. Now Max and Rebecca are stuck in another dimension, and Noah and Theo are working to fix the machine that sent them there.

Robbins, Trina, art by Anne Timmons Go Girl!
In the 1970s, Lindsay’s mother used to be the superhero Go-Go Girl.  Lindsay, who’s inherited her mother’s ability to fly, discovers the old costume and sets out to fight crime!

Whitley, Jeremy, art by M. Goodwin Princeless

Like her older sisters, when she turns 16 Adrienne is placed in a tower guarded by a dragon and forced to wait to be rescued by a prince. But when Adrienne discovers a sword hidden under her bed, she decides to change her own story. Teaming up with her guardian dragon, Sparky, Adrienne escapes from her tower and sets off to free her sisters.