Young Adult

Cliff, Tony.  Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Erdemoglu Selim is a lieutenant in the Turkish Janissary Corps, and he doesn't love it.  What he really wants is to live a quiet life and make tea.  That becomes impossible when Delilah Dirk, a swashbuckling adventurer, is imprisoned, and then escapes the Turkish palace.  Selim is swept up and along with Delilah Dirk, and soon he must decide if this life of adventure is really for him.

Hopeless, Dennis, art by Jamie McKelvie. X-Men: Season One

Professor Charles Xavier has recruited five extraordinary teen mutants for his "high school" - a place where they will learn to fight together to protect the world from other, dangerous mutants.  Jean Gray has her doubts about Professor Xavier, and his seeming willingness to put she and her friends in harms way.  After all, they're just kids, trying to deal with major self revelations and crushes!

McCreery, Conor and Anthony Del Col Kill Shakespeare
In the same vein as Fables, Shakespeare's characters are real but have a world of their own. They are gathered in an alternative world where they co-exist and grapple with one another for political dominance and social freedom.

Niles,Steve, art by Fiona Staples. Mystery Society

Husband and wife team of Nick and Anastasia created the Mystery Society to uncover paranormal secrets.  They are in desperate need of others to join their group, and luckily, they are joined by Secret Skull (a ghoul), twin girls Nick freed from Area 51 and a robot with the brain of Jules Verne.  They'll need all the help they can get when Nick is framed for a crime he didn't commit.

Rucka, Greg and art by J.H. Willisams III Batwoman Elegy
Discharged from the army for being gay, Kate Kane finds a new way to serve her country.

Rucka, Greg, Steve Rolson, Brian Hurtt Queen and Country
British Intelligence works against international threats. Focuses on agent Tara Chace as she tries to discover what she’s fighting for.

Simone, Gail and Neil Googe Welcome to Tranquility
As superheroes and supervillains grow older and most eventually retire to the small quaint town of Tranquility. It is in this well protected community that they are able to raise families and relive their glory days. Like in many small towns, nothing is as it seems. After the murder of a well-loved hero, secrets surface and more murders follow.

Vaughan, Brian K., art by Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa Runaways
Six teenagers find out that their parents are leading an evil empire called the Pride. They must learn to harness their unusual talents to stop the Pride’s dominion.

Whedon, Joss and others Buffy: Season 8
Joss Whedon continues his popular television series Buffy, where the gang is now working with the other Slayers against a new threat known as “Twilight.”

Whedon, Joss  Fray
Mel Fray, an accomplished thief, has grown up in a dystopian world where social outcasts and anomalies live on the outskirts of society. It is only after the demon Urkon explains to Mel that the 'lurks' that are becoming more dangerous that Mel comes to realize her background as the Slayer.