Baum, L. Frank, Eric Shanower, and art by Skottie Young Ozma of OZ
While crossing the ocean with her uncle, Dorothy is once again thrown into a mystical land that needs her help. She must help save the royal family of Ev from the devious Nome King. Fortunately, she has the help of new friends Billina the sassy talking chicken and Tik-Tok the ever useful clockwork man and many old friends.

Soo, Kean. Jellaby

Portia doesn't have many friends.  Or any friends.  She may be a little odd.  Portia is lonely though, and one night, she walks outside and finds a monster.  A friendly one, and he doesn't seem to be from around there.  Portia, with the assistance of possible new friend Jason, decide to take new named monster Jellaby home.  Which involves a couple of elementary school kids getting to Toronto on their own and with a monster.  Good thing it's almost Halloween.

Thompson, Jill Magic Trixie and the Dragon

Trixie might be smart, lovable, and magical, but that's not going to help her get her baby sister back. Trixie might have accidentally changed her into a dragon, made her friends think she's a liar, and driven away her familiar. Now she has to fix everything before bedtime.