Middle Grade

Frampton, Otis Oddly Normal

Half-witch half-human ten year old Oddly, find herself in a precarious situation when her parents go missing and she finds herself in her aunt's care in Fignation. Now Oddly must try and figure out the new ways of this world as she also tries to understand how the same social rules are still in place in her fantastical school.

Kibuishi, Kazu Amulet: The Stonekeeper

After the loss of her father in a horrible accident, Emily, her brother Navin, and her mother, move into the decrepit family house. But after the first name her mother is kidnapped by a strange tentacled creature and taken through a mysterious door. Emily and Navin follow, meet strange robots, are stalked by an evil elf with an agenda, and Emily must deal with a powerful omniscient power around her neck.

Kova, Tommy and Sonny Liew Wonderland

Here we are again in Wonderland, but Alice is nowhere in sight.  Now we get the story of Mary Ann, the White Rabbit's house maid Alice was mistaken for.   Mary Ann and the White Rabbit are on the run, having been accused of being in league with the Alice monster, and in the process fall down a treacle well and discover that the Queen of Hearts is not the only queen left in Wonderland after all.

L'Engle, Madeleine, adapted and illustrated by Hope Larson. A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel

The graphic novel adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's classic a Wrinkle in Time.  Meg Murray, along with her peculiar little brother Charles Wallace and her friend Calvin O'Keefe are sent on the strangest of journeys to rescue her father, a physicist who has disappeared.

Minikim, Mariolle, and Pop Nola's World: Changing Moon

Nola lives a boring life, and all she wants is a little excitement to make her be noticed. SHe decides that her adventure is going to start by trying to figure out two new students at her school. Little does she know that she'd be bored but safer by staying away.

Rioux, Jo. Cat's Cradle Book 1: The Golden Twine

Suri, an orphan who tags along with a traveling caravan, longs to be a monster tamer.  Monster tamers protect Galatea from monsters slipping into the valley from the mountains.  Suri has never met a real monster, until a series of strange events cause Suri to be running from her life from a clan of caitsiths (cat-like monsters).

Siddell, Thomas Gunnerkrigg Court 

After her mother dies, Antimony Carver is sent to Gunnerkrigg Court, a British boarding school.  Gunnerkrigg Court is no ordinary school, however.  Amidst the robots, body-stealing demons, and students turning into birds, Antimony begins to learn more about her family’s past.

Yolen, Jane and art by Mike Cavallaro Foiled

Aliera has always been satisfied with being an outsider, playing role-playing games with her cousin, and excelling at fencing.  Only when she receives a $2 foil, captures the attention of Chris, and starts having visions of fantastic creatures, does Aliera realize that she is meant to be exceptional.