Middle Grade

Kim, Susan & Laurence Klavan City of Spies
During the early 1940s, Evelyn has to stay in New York with an aunt she hardly knows while her father goes off on his latest honeymoon.  To distract herself, Evelyn works on her comic about the heroic Zirconium Man and his loyal sidekick Scooter (who looks an awful lot like Evelyn), who uncover Nazi plots and save the day.  Much to her surprise, she and her friend Tony stumble onto a real Nazi plot!  Will anyone believe two kids?

Naifeh, Ted Polly and the Pirates
Polly wants to grow up to be just like her perfect mother, a lady that fits into the Victorian culture she has grown up in. Little does she know that her mother’s past is not all crumpets and sewing, and that this new lifestyle suits her better than she realizes.

Torres, J. and Scott Chantler Days Like This
It is the 1960s and Anna Solomon is starting her own record label and has already found her first group she wants to sign, three seventeen year old black girls that go to the same school as her daughter.