Young Adult

Brosgol, Vera Anya’s Ghost
As one of the two Russians at her private school, Anya feels out of place and is embarrassed of her family.  While cutting school, Anya befriends the ghost of Emily, a girl who claims she was murdered.  Emily and Anya becomes friends and everything seems great, but Emily might not be quite as friendly as she seems.

Chan, Queenie The Dreaming

Twins Amber and Jeanie are accepted into an exclusive Australian boarding schoo, but not everything is as it seems. The girls are warned not to reveal tht they are twins and to never go out into the forest. Added onto this the girls are sharing dreams that have them being chased by eyeless Victorian ladies. The question is not if people will start disappearing but rather when?

Dirge, Roman Lenore: Noogies
As a child Lenore was quite adorable. Unfortunately she grew quite ill and died. Fortunately she rose from the dead, but was quite changed by the experience. It seems that whatever crosses her path meets an unfortunate demise - intentional or not.

Hicks, Erin Faith Friends with Boys
Maggie has been homeschooled her entire life, interacting mainly with her three older brothers, and now she’s starting public high school.  Shy and overwhelmed, Maggie has difficulty fitting in and making friends.  She also has to deal with a silent ghost who won’t leave her alone.

Love, Jeremy Bayou
Lee, a young black girl has always played with Lily, who is white.  When a creature from the swamp swallows Lily, Lee's father is accused of kidnapping her.  Lee must save her father from being lynched, but to do this she must enter a strange world of monsters, and she doesn’t have much time

Roberson, Chris and Michael Allred iZombie: Dead to the World

Gwen has a rather lame life as a grave-digger, her only real friends are a were-puppy with a crush and ghost stuck in the 70s. Gwen isn't your regular girl, she's a zombie. And once a month she needs to eat someone's brains, therefore taking in their memories of their life. Her latest victim was murdered, and Gwen and her friends must solve the mystery before the monster hunters get her.

Sfar, Joann and Emmanuel Guibert The Professor’s Daughter

It is the 19th Century, and Lillian the daughter of the brilliant Egyptologist Prof. Bowell has fallen in love with a dead man. After being mummified for three thousand years and Imhotep IV, Pharaoh of Egypt, is enjoying the modern experiences that London has to offer with Lillian, both exhilarated to be out of Prof. Bowell's stifling supervision. It is not until an unfortunate experience with tea and assaulting another gentleman that things go terribly wrong. While protecting Imhotep from incarceration, Lillian accidentally poisons two men and she and Imhotep must flee.

Simone, Gail and Lea Hernandez Killer Princesses

Faith, Charity, and Hope are three beautiful idiotic sorority girls who happen to also be vicious foul-mouthed assassins for a secret agency that promotes "Better a World Without Genius, Than a World Determined to Conflagration."

Spencer, Nick and illustrators Joe Eisma and Rodin Esquejo Morning Glories: For a Better Future Vol. 1
Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. Only the intellectual elite are allowed into the hallowed halls. For the new students, this could be the start of an incredible future.... or their death.

Tsang, Evonne and illustrator Janina Gorrissen My Boyfriend’s a Monster: I Love Him to Pieces
Dicey, the only girl on the high school baseball team and Jack Chen a D&D playing science genius, end up partners for the classic health class egg baby project.  Just as Dicey and Jack Chen are seeing the blossoming of their relationship despite their different interests, a virus sweeps through the town turning people into mindless zombies!  Dicey and Jack Chen are on the run for safety, and when Jack Chen is bitten, they are rapidly running out of time.