Middle Grade

de Campi, Alex and Federica Manfredi Kat & Mouse: Teacher Torture

Kat has just entered a new private school where her father has just been hired. Everything seems pretty normal until Kat's dad starts receiving threatening letters and there are thefts in the school. Kat and her new friend Mouse must figure out who is blackmailing her dad before he loses his job.

Hoena, Blake and Sebastian Facio Carly's Angels: Swamp Sting

Tina, Gillian, and Keely work on the school newspaper after rectifying problems around their schools. They receive their tips via a mysterious caller they call Carly. This time the girls must discover who is polluting the pond with disgusting slushie mix and mutating the bees.

Robbins, Trina, illustrated by Tyker Oage. Chicagoland Detective Agency: The Drained Brains Caper

Megan Yamamura, anime lover, and writer of haiku, has just moved to Chicagoland and unfortunately for her, is now starting summer school at Stepford Preparatory Academy.  Megan knows something strange is going on on her first day: why are all the kids so...weird?  Will she be able to find out what's going on at Stepford Prep?  Or will she become one of them?

Robinson, James and Paul Smith Leave it to Chance
Fourteen year old Chance wants to follow in her famous paranormal investigator father's footsteps, unfortunately for her he has other plans for her. So she does what any other self-reliant girl would do: prove him wrong.