Young Adult

Berholz, Bret M. Diary of the Black Widow
Some women were born to wealth and power, and some have to kill to get it. What will it take to stop this clever woman, when it seems she is pursued by idiots?

Geary, Rick The Case of Madeleine Smith
It is the 19th Century in Glasgow, and a sickly clerk is poisoned. The only suspect is his secret fiancée, but did she really do it?

Larson, Hope Mercury
Tara Fraser's house burned down, and Tara wishes she had enough money to rebuild the house on the family land. 150 years in the past, Josey Fraser, and ancestor of Tara’s,  is falling in love with Asa, a strange man who can locate gold. While Josey's story becomes darker and more dangerous, it could mean hope for Tara in the future.

Roman, Dave and illustrators Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery
Agnes Quill is a teenager who is just trying to make a buck. Having taken over the family business, she uses her special abilities to help the strange inhabitants in her steampunk city Legerdemain find what they are looking for.

Tardi, Jacques The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
There are supernatural mysteries aplenty in the city limits of Paris. It just happens that Adele Blanc-Sec always seems to be in the middle of them as they take a turn to violence.

Waid, Mark and Butch Guice Ruse: Enter the Detective
Simon Archard is Parrington’s premier detective, with a photographic memory, extremely focused mind, and cold personality he is able to solve any mystery. Emma Bishop is his linguistically and more socially adept assistant. What starts off as an investigation into drug trafficking, is evolving into a complicated case where the supernatural is involved.

Watson, Andi Clubbing
Goth Londoner Lottie Brook has just been banished to the Lake District. At first the slow golf-obsessed village drives Lottie crazy, until a murder is discovered and brushed off by the police. Now it is up to Lottie and Howard to discover what the death has to do with the Draco constellation and her family.