Young Adult

Abouet, Marguerite & Clement Oubrerie Aya

Growing up on the Ivory Coast, Aya is focused on her studies.  All the other girls are focused on getting a husband to take care of them.  It is hard for Aya to pay attention to school when her friends keep needing her help.

Castellucci, Cecil and Jim Rugg The Plain Janes
New girl in town Jane finds it is hard to fit in coming from the city to a secluded suburb.  With the help of a group of girls all named Jane, they will shake up their quiet little town and find love along the way.

Gulledge, Laura Lee Page by Paige
Paige is the shy new girl in school who lives too much in her own head.  As she draws in her sketchbook, she begins to understand herself better and starts to become the Paige she knows she really is.

Gulledge, Laura Lee.  Will & Whit

Will fears the dark.  She spends most of her time creating beautiful lamps from found objects and helping her aunt with the antique store.  Keeping busy helps Will to ignore the sadness she is feeling.  When hurricane Whitney sweeps through town and causes a prolonged blackout, the darkness forces Will and her friends' secrets into the light.

Halliday, Ayun and Paul Hoppe.  Peanut

Sadie is starting a new high school.  She's nervous about fitting in and making friends, so she does a strange thing.  She pretends to have a peanut allergy.  It starts innocently enough, but soon Sadie realizes it has spun far outside her control.  The only way out is to tell the truth, but what will it cost her?

Kashyap , Keshni Tina’s Mouth
Tina has recently been dumped by her best friend Alex and that means she has a lot of time to work on her English class existential philosophy assignment: who are you?  Tina writes to dead French existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre as she tries to figure out who she is, why Alex does not want to be friends with her anymore, how to get Neil Strumminger to kiss her and lots more.

Kelly, Joe and JM Ken Niimura I Kill Giants
Barbara Thorson is a giant killer, so she says.  Friendless, picked on at school, no one believes her.  Is Barbara really a killer of giants?  Or is there a giant in her life she is trying to overcome?

Mckeever, Sean, and Takeshi Miyazawa Mary Jane: Circle of Friends

Mary Jane might have a crush on superhero Spider Man, but it's not like her life starts and stops in between rescues. She has to deal with pressure to maintain her perky facade and keep her friendships stable. And then there's her blossoming relationship with Harry Osborn.

Modan, Rutu.  The Property

After the death of her father, Mica and her paternal grandmother Regina Segal travel to Warsaw in an attempt to claim property lost during WWII.  Regina has not been back to Poland since she was sent away to Israel before WWII.  But Regina is carrying a secret.  She has other reasons for coming to Warsaw.

Mucha, Corinne Freshman: Tales or 9th Grade Obsessions, Revelations, and Other Nonsense
Annie starts off her freshman year of high school convinced (thanks to her older brother) that her first year of high school will determine the rest of her life.  While she makes a new best friend, she also discovers that she is terrible at sports, she is in love with said new best friend’s older brother, and her attempt at being in the school play lands her the part of a ugly, whinny old women.  Things never seem to go Annie’s way as she struggles to make it through her freshman year in one piece.

O'Malley, Bryan Lee.  Lost At Sea

Raleigh is fairly sure she doesn't have a soul.  She's also fairly sure a cat stole it.  She hates cats, but they always seem to be around her.  She's not good at interacting with people.  She doesn't seem to feel what other people feel.  And everything's always just so horribly confusing and mixed up all the time.  And now she's in a car with three classmates who she hardly even knows on a never ending road trip, and isn't even sure how she got there.

Oleksyk, Sarah Ivy
Ivy is an artist and growing up in a tiny Maine suburb.  Ivy wants to go to art school, but her mother wants her to do something practical and reliable, like business.  Ivy thinks she's finally met someone who really understands what she's about at an art college fair, and after a terrible fight with her mom they run away together.  But life on the road is not what she expected, and neither is her kindred spirit.

Ryan, Sara, art by Carla Speed McNeil.  Bad Houses

Lewis' works with his mother, Cate, running estate sales; sorting through dead people's belongings and getting them ready to sell.  Anne lives with her mother, Danica, and a house stuffed full of all the things Danica is unable to part with.  Lewis and Anne get to know each other after meeting at an estate sale.  Anne is trying to understand why people keep things and leave things, and what makes something important.

Tamaki, Jillian and Mariko Tamaki.  This One Summer

Rose and her parents have been going to Awago Beach since Rose was five.  Rose loves it there, and loves seeing her summer friend, Windy.  This summer, however, things are not the same.  Rose's mother is acting odd, and her parent's keep fighting.  Rose and Windy find themselves witnessing the drama of the local teenagers and taking sides.  Everything seems the same but different.

Tamaki, Mariko and Steve Rolston.  Emiko Superstar

Emiko's best friend moved last year and now she's trying to fit in with the other girls at school. What ends up happening though is a growing feeling of alienation that pushes Emiko to find connections with performance artists who live on the fringe. As Emiko develops a growing sense of self, she also starts performing by reading the diary of an alienated wife that she babysits for. As the story progresses Emiko must decide whether or not she's reflecting her own self or just a reflection of the people she has grown to care for.

Van Meter, Jen, art by Christine Norrie and others Hopeless Savages Greatest Hits 200-20010
Zero Hopeless-Savage has quite an unusual family. There's her mum Niki Savage, and dad, Dirk Hopeless, famous English punk rockers (now retired), her two brothers, Rat and Twitch, and her sister, Arsenal. Dirk and Nikki might be retired, but they'll never lose their punk rock roots and they've raised their kids the same way. No matter what happens, whether it's her parents getting kidnapped or she's dealing with problems at school, Zero knows she'll always have her family behind her.

Weinstein, Lauren R. Girl Stories
Short stories from being teased at school to first boyfriends.

White, Tracy How I Made it to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story
Stacy has some issues, which is probably why she is at Golden Meadows mental hospital. She has self-esteem issues, drug issues, trust issues, self-image issues, eating issues, relationship issues... In other words she has a lot to work on. Bear in mind, as Tracy White puts it, all of the stories in this book are at least 95% true.

Wood, Brian and Ryan Kelly The New York Four
Riley has always been shy and kept to herself.  Now that she is in school at NYU, she is meeting new friends and is back in touch with her sister who she has not seen or spoken to in years.  She also develops an online crush.  As her online relationship intensifies, Riley pays less and less attention to her school work and friends.  When Riley's crush reveals himself, everything begins to unravel.