Young Adult

Butler, Nancy and Hugo Petrus Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice.

Ganter, Amy Kim Sorcerers & Secretaries
Nicole spends most of her time daydreaming and writing fantasy stories to take her away from her unfulfilling job as a receptionist.  Her old neighbor, Josh, is determined to get Nicole to go out with him.  Nicole likes him too, but Josh is a huge flirt who collects girls’ numbers.  Nicole will not have anything to do with him until he changes his ways.

Innes, Lora The Dreamer
Bea was just a normal girl, until her dreams started taking her back to the 18th Century during the Revolutionary War. Now as she continues to navigate the trials of high school, she is increasingly drawn to her dreams and Alan Warren in the past.

Kim, Dong Hwa The Color of Earth
The story of Ehwa, a girl growing up in Korea from the time she is a child to her wedding night.  Over the course of years, Ehwa slowing learns about the confusing world of love.

Lott, Renee Festering Romance
Janet is emotionally disconnected from the living world, she sees no reason to get involved with others when she has her ghostly best friend Paul living with her. Janet’s world is put into upheaval when Derek comes along and starts making her care. The only problem is that Derek has his own ghostly roomie Carol.