Middle Grade

Card, Orson Scott and Emily Janic Card, art by Honoel A. Ibardolaza Laddertop
When the Givers came to Earth, they made a gift of four towers that stretch from Earth to space stations.  These space stations provide power for the whole world.  Then the Givers disappeared.  The towers were built in such a way that the only people who can fit to maintain them are children.  Competition to get into Laddertop Academy is intense, and of the few who are invited, even fewer will make it to space.  Robbie and her friend Azure have both been accepted to the Academy, but only one of them will make it in to space.

Hatke, Ben Zita the Spacegirl
Zita and her friend Joseph stumble upon a crater made by an asteroid.  At the bottom of the crater is a strange device, and when Zita pushes the button, a creature pulls Joseph into another world!  Now it is up to Zita to travel to an unknown doomed planet and save her friend.

Lieberman, AJ and Darren Rawlings.  The Silversix

Phoebe has been living on her own since her parents died a year ago.  When a strange man comes looking for her, Phoebe runs for it, taking with her the moon registry her parent's left her.  Phoebe gets nabbed by Child Welfare Services and finds herself living in a home for orphaned children.  She meets five other kids, all who have the same moon registry, all signed by Phoebe's father, all whose parent's died on the same shuttle explosion.  The Silversix set out to find the truth of their parent's deaths, and maybe bring down the most powerful company on Earth.

Nelson, O.T., adapted by Dan Jolley, art by Joelle Jones The Girl Who Owned a City
A worldwide plague killed everyone over the age of 13.  There are only children left.  Lisa, her brother Todd and the other children in her Grandville neighborhood are struggling to survive.  Lisa is smarter than most and she knows if they're going to make it, they need to organize with the other children and figure out a way to find food and protect themselves from wandering gangs.  The first step is finding a place where they can all live but is easy to protect, and Lisa thinks she's found the perfect place.

O'Reilly, Sean and Kevin Hanna The Clockwork Girl

Tesla is an innocent robot-girl trying to discover what her role is in the world, Huxley is an impulsive wolf-boy fighting to be understood. With their fathers past disagreement keeping them apart, their friendship and budding romance seems to be doomed from the start.

Roman, Dave Astronaut Academy
Astronaut Academy is a boarding school where students learn important skills such as anti-gravity gymnastics, fire throwing, advanced heart studies and Spanish.  It is also where Hakata Soy, former space hero, has been sent by his parents.  Unfortunately, his enemies will not leave him alone!  With the help of his new friend Miyumi San, he will try to make it through the first semester at Astronaut Academy.