Young Adult

Gilson, Che, art by Jimmie Robinson Avigon: Gods and Demons
Avigon is the greatest clockwork ever made.  Her creator, Pulsifer, is the Master Clockworker of the realm, and gave her the ability to think and feel.  Avigon now begins to question herself.  Is she more than a clockwork?  Are her feelings real, or it is just that she's been created to be that way?  In order to discover who she really is, Avigon must leave her creator and venture out into the world.

Foglio, Phil and Kaja Foglio Girl Genius
Agatha Clay had never invented anything that worked.  If only she didn’t get horrible headaches when she tried to concentrate!  After a particularly strange day, which started off with the locket she was told never to take off getting stolen, she ends up on board the airship Castle Wulfenbach, controlled by the Baron who rules the land.  Could Agatha be a Spark after all?  Why would anyone want to hide it from her?

Kibuishi, Kazu Daisy Kutter: The Last Train

Ex-convict Daisy has kept her nose clean after leaving the life of train robbing behind her for tending a drug store. But after a rigged poker game, Daisy finds herself dragged into her old lifestyle but the stakes are higher and its not only her reputation on the line.

Marvit, Lawrence Sparks: An Urban Fairytale
Once upon a time there was a girl who looked at those around her and wished for a better life. With only a wrench to keep her grounded, she eventually gives in to her fancies and creates a 'prince' out of auto parts. Little does she know that her silly playtime is going to create a living being. Eventually the prince will rescue the princess, but not before stopping the evil doers that would end their happiness.

McNeil, Carla Speed Finder: Voice
Anvard is a society split in to clans, and Rachel Grosvenor is the daughter of a Medawar father and a Llaverac mother. Rachel has worked long and hard to be part of the contest to be admitted to the Llaverac clan. Being accepted in to the clan will secure her family's future. Only days before the final competition, her mother's Llaverac heirloom ring is stolen, and Rachel can't compete without it. Now she has to find a Finder to help her get it back, and in doing so she uncovers more of Anvard then she ever wanted to.

Smyth, Fiona The Never Weres
No one has been able to have children for 15 years.  The country is torn between those in favor of cloning to carry on the human race and those who are against it.  Xian, Jesse and Mia at 15 are three of the youngest people in the world.  When Xian begins to find clues about a girls' long ago disappearance, the three friends may discover what is needed to save the world.

Westerfeld, Scott, Devin Grayson, and Steven Cummings. Uglies: Shay's Story

Shay believes that before her transformation into a Pretty, she should enjoy life on her hoverboard, she doesn't mind breaking the rules once in a while especially after she meets the Crims. This rebellious streak leads to her meeting the charismatic David and her leaving the life she's known to live in The Smoke: free and physically unchanged. She learns to love her life surviving off the land, especially as David starts to return her feelings for her. But once Shay's best friend Tally joins The Smoke, everything seems to change, David becomes distant and Tally seems to be taking her spot in the commune. Where does Shay belong now?